The setup

Just like the previous benchmark this one measures out of the box performance of the above 3 frameworks. I ran each benchmark 3 times, the mean of those benchmarks was then derived.

Setup details:

Linux Mint 4.0 (Ubuntu 7.10)
Apache 2.2.4
PHP 5.2.3

Framework versions:
Cake RC2
CodeIgniter 1.6.3
Kohana 2.2.0

Apache Bench:
ab -c 5 -n 1000

The results

Static HTML file served by Apache resulted in 13528 RPS and 11397 RPS with eAccelerator enabled.
Here is the graph:

Benchmark update: Cake vs. CodeIgniter vs. Kohana


There are good news and bad news :) The bad news is that Cake’s developers have managed to make it even slower and by quite a bit. Cake’s performance has decreased by 89% under eAccelerator and by 29% without it. The good news is that Kohana’s developers have managed to improve their framework’s performance, by about 9%, under eAccelerator (and perhaps other caching engines as well). It was suggested that such improvement was achieved through Kohana’s new path caching.

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